Lemon Water and Weight loss; Does lemon juice burn fat?

If you’re someone who has tried to lose weight before, I’m sure you’ve been told or probably heard that, squeezing some lemon juice into water and drinking it helps with losing weight. But exactly how true is this? It is true that lemon has some amazing health benefits, few of which I will mention. But regarding its ‘fat melting’ properties, the story isn’t so simple.

Even though many people trying to lose weight drink lemon water and believe it helps, there is little scientific evidence to support the claim that lemon water actually burns fat. The basis of weight loss is for you to burn more calories than you consume, in this regard, lemon water would help since it contains very low calories. Lemon juice contains just 7 calories per ounce. So even though lemon juice itself does not burn fat, if lemon water is replacing soda, coffee or some other high calorie beverage, then a calorie deficit will be created which will help you to lose weight.

What are others saying about this?

In ”The Lemon Juice Diet” by Theresa Cheung, She presents the theory that, the best way to lose weight  and keep it off is to eliminate toxins from the body and keep your liver  and digestive system healthy. She goes on to say that, poor digestion hinders weight loss by stopping the body from getting the nutrients it needs to burn fat and by causing a build up of toxins in the bloodstream that slows down metabolism. With regard to this theory, lemon water would help since it helps flush out toxins (more on that as we proceed).

According to Alissa Rumsey, R.D., a spokesperson for the academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, hot water with lemon in and of itself does not cause any actual weight loss. She further stated that, if you are using the drink to replace another like pop soda, coffee or fruit juice, then this will result in a calorie deficit and can help you lose weight. Starting your day with lemon water instead of tea or coffee can be an excellent way to keep your calories in check.

Why you should drink lemon water

Even though the short term goal mostly is to lose weight, the long term goal should be being fit and healthy. In this regard, drinking lemon juice will go a long way to help you achieve this goal. One thing to remember is to mix it with some water before drinking. Drinking it straight can be hard on your teeth. Several health benefits can be derived from lemon juice.These are a few;

  • Lemon juice can help stimulate stomach acid and bile production, this aids in digestion.
  • Lemon juice contains Vitamin C and Potassium; Vitamin C is an antioxidant and gives your immune system a boost. It also protects your cells from the effect of free radicals thereby lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases.Vitamin C also helps to keep your skin from wrinkling. Potassium helps to keep your nerves, heart and brain running smoothly.
  • It helps with digestion, it helps loosen and remove toxins from your stomach.
  • It has pectin fiber which helps to lessen hunger pangs and is also necessary for good colon health.
  • Lessens inflammation; if lemon water is drank regularly, it reduces the amount of acid in your body, helping to balance your pH and keeping you disease free.
  • Mixing lemon water with some honey can help you get rid of sore throat and also minimize the occurrence of the common cold.

So How do you make Lemon water?

Before getting to this, one thing you should know is that, before you reap maximum benefits from it, you have to be taking it consistently. Okay, so with that out of the way, lets look at how you can prepare it;

  • Squeeze half a lemon into 8 ounces of water, the water can be cold or warm. To spice things up a bit, you can add a teaspoon of honey.
  • You can also put slices of it with the peel on, in a glass of water, and drink after an hour or two.

Are there any side effects?

Well, generally, lemon water is safe to drink. But there are some potential side effects worth mentioning.

  • Lemon contains citric acid, which may erode the enamel of the tooth. To prevent this, you can drink the lemon water through a straw. You could also rinse your mouth afterwards.


So the bottom line is, even though lemon water by itself does not burn fat, it can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, helping with digestion and reducing the amount of calories you consume in a day. In addition to this, it provides some amazing health benefits, few of which I mentioned. So even if your aim is not to lose weight, drinking some lemon water daily will do you a lot of good. And if your goal is to lose weight, you should consider drinking lemon water, but ultimately, remember that in order to manage your weight effectively, you have to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

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12 thoughts on “Lemon Water and Weight loss; Does lemon juice burn fat?”

  1. Great post ! Oh yes, lemon water helps to lose weight… just by replacing all the soft drinks and other sweet beverages, it helps a lot. Lemon water is so much tastier than just a plain glass of water. I drink a lot more water when I splash some lemon in it. I sometimes add a slice of ginger also. So the benefits of lemon water are numerous… AND exercice.. and perseverance to exercice regularly ! ohlala…

  2. Hi! I have heard about this before, however, I never gave it a try. I think its time for me to try this lemon water and see what happens! I have a question tho, my stomach is really dedicated so , do you think lemon water could irritate my stomach?

    Thank you 😀

    1. Hi, normally the raw lemon juice causes irritation for people with sensitive stomach. You should try diluting with more water to know how you tolerate it, i believe you will find the right balance.

  3. This is actually great idea for me. I really want to lower my body fat percentage and this can work. Do you think would lemon make the same effect if I drink it with mineral water?

    1. Actually, you could derive more benefits if you drank it with mineral water. According to ‘Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water and Lemon Juice‘, Natural sourced mineral spring water is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium, with trace amounts of other healthful nutrients in every drop. Combining these healthful nutrients with the juice of a lemon adds 50 percent of our daily value of vitamin C to the beverage, along with heaping doses of the antioxidants hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin.

  4. Great post. My wife always drinks lemon regularly. she always drinks with warm water. I always love lemon to add in my tea. When the best time to drink lemon? Is before or after eating?

    1. When drank on empty stomach, the citric acid tends to irritate the stomach lining for some people, others do not experience that. But to avoid that, it can be drank after eating, about 30 minutes after.

  5. Wow this has been really helpful. But what about some of us who take lemon water or lemonade for the taste? Is it bad for people who have a very effective mechanic system? I was told it gives ulcers. Is that true too?

    1. Even though lemon juice contains citric acid, once mixed with water and taken into the body, it has an alkalizing effect and tends to rather help to neutralize the acid in the stomach. So once you don’t drink it straight but mix with water, you should be good to go. But for those who already have ulcers, it is not recommended that they take lemon juice. And if you take lemon water just for the taste, you still get to have all the benefits associated with it, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing weight.

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